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    show_01_02_t.jpg show_02_02_t.jpg show_01_29_t.jpg show_02_04_t.jpg show_02_05_t.jpg show_02_06_t.jpg show_02_07_t.jpg show_02_08_t.jpg show_02_09_t.jpg show_02_10_t.jpg show_02_11_t.jpg show_02_12_t.jpg show_02_13_t.jpg show_02_14_t.jpg show_02_15_t.jpg show_02_16_t.jpg
    torn advertising posters from germany and netherlands which get some melancholic mood or painful feeling by their demolition and corrosion.

    dirty aesthetics

    show_03_01_t.jpg show_03_02_t.jpg show_03_03_t.jpg show_03_04_t.jpg show_03_05_t.jpg show_03_06_t.jpg show_03_07_t.jpg show_03_08_t.jpg
    dirty, mossy, scratched an peeled… just walls in my town with traces of time

    walls with “something”

    show_04_01_t.jpg show_01_09_t.jpg show_04_03_t.jpg show_04_04_t.jpg show_04_05_t.jpg show_01_12_t.jpg show_04_07_t.jpg show_01_13_t.jpg
    the enjoyment of finding and framing